Institutional Shareholders

FRANSABANK was first established in Beirut in 1921 as a full branch of one of the major French banks then, Crédit Foncier d’Algérie et du Tunisie (CFAT). It is ranked No. 1 on the list of banks operating in Lebanon indicating that it is the oldest bank in the country.

FRANSABANK has established several strategic alliances with internationally renowned banks and financial institutions:

  • Crédit Agricole, France
  • German Investment & Development Co. (DEG), Germany
  • Public Institution for Social Security, Kuwait

Recently, Groupe Caisse D’Epargne, through their subsidiary Financière Océor, and FRANSABANK signed a Memorandum of understanding that expresses GCE’s interest to accompany FRANSABANK Group in its international development strategy.

Within this context, Financière Océor has already taken a stake of up to 40% of the Share Capital of FRANSABANK (France) SA, the French subsidiary of FRANSABANK Group.

Key figures and ranking within the Lebanese Banking Sector

For more than eight decades, FRANSABANK was able to sustain remarkable performances and healthy expansions that ensured the Group’s pioneering position amongst the Lebanese banking sector. Key figures of FRANSABANK Group and its ranking within the Lebanese Banking Sector are as follows: 
 IndicatorsAs of 31.12.12
As of 31.12.11
Branches network in Lebanon


ROAA 1,06%1.08%
Shareholders’ Equity$ 1,489 billion
$ 1.3 billion
Net Profits $ 160.369 billion$ 155.32 billion
Total Assets
$ 15,757 billion$ 14,44 billion
Customer’s Deposits$ 13,065 billion$ 11,74 billion
Loans Advances to Customers $ 4,839 billion$ 4,43 billion

Members and Group Network in Lebanon

FRANSABANK Group operates with more than 100 local branches in Lebanon, making it the largest banking network in the country. The Group also includes:

  • An Investment Bank: Fransa Invest Bank sal
  • Three Commercial Banks: Fransabank sal / BLC Bank sal | Bank of Beirut and Arab Countries sal
  • Two Insurance Companies: Bancassurance sal
  • Fransabank Insurance Services sal
  • A Leasing Company: Lebanese Leasing Company sal
  • An Electronic Payment Company: Switch & Electronic services sal
  • A Real Estate Company: Sogefon sal

Regional and International Network

FRANSABANK’s expansion into international markets dates back to the 80’s.

Currently, FRANSABANK is present in the following countries:

  • France: Fransabank (France) sa
  • Algeria: Fransabank El Djazair spa
  • Syria: Fransabank Syria sa
  • Sudan: United Capital Bank
  • Belarus: Fransabank OJSC
  • Libya: Representative Office

Products and Services

  • Commercial banking:
    • Overdrafts
    • Discounting of bills
    • International transfers
    • Medium and long-term loans offered to industry and other productive sectors
    • Lease financing
    • Trade financing
  • Retail Banking:
    • MasterCard and Visa Cards (Banking Cards including Debit, Credit, revolving, prepaid, co-branded, Internet, etc.)
    • Accounts (current, savings, time deposit)
    • Loans (Personal, Housing, Car, PC, etc.)
    • Savings and Insurance Plans (life, education, retirement)
    • Others (ATMs, bills domiciliation, rental of safe deposit boxes, etc.)
  • Investment & Private Banking
    • Corporate finance (merges and acquisitions, advisory, business valuation, Initial Public Offering (IPO), private placements, etc.)
    • Project Finance
    • Financial advisory services to the Public Sector such as Bond issuance, privatization, etc.
    • Investments and participations
    • Medium to long term Deposits
    • Brokerage devices
    • Asset Management
    • Private Banking (structured products, etc.)